Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Iran Sends A Monkey Into Space While Flaming Lips Blow Up The Sun

"Which end is its ass?"

I thought that the Lips were no longer on Warner Brothers.

Whatever the case, the promotional department of  Warner Bros would like to remind you that the Lips are prepping their 13th record and that a sneak peak of a new song that you'll get just for pre-ordering the album is available for you to learn the words to.

If that isn't enough, be sure to check out the Lips as they pay for the recording costs of their thirteenth record just by shelling for Korean automaker, Hyundai on a Super Bowl ad this weekend.

Here's all the details, and Totale's sure fire pick of the Ravens by 3.


Jan 28, 2013 - (Burbank) - THE FLAMING LIPS and Warner Bros. Records will release their thirteenth studio album, The Terror on April 2nd but you can see and hear and the new video for an exclusive non-album track, titled "Sun Blows Up Today" right now at Rolling Stone. dot Com

As previously announced, those who pre-order The Terror digitally beginning Jan 29th, through the iTunes Store or other participating digital retailers will receive "Sun Blows Up Today" as an Instant gratification, Non-Album, Bonus Track. This is the only way to get the new song by The Flaming Lips.

Looking for more from your favorite band?   Well, if you're near a TV set this Sunday, Feb 3rd, watching the Super Bowl, you might just see a very cool TV commercial by Hyundai that stars none other than The Flaming Lips and features the song, "Sun Blows Up Today". Don't miss it!!

More news to be announced soon. Until then keep an eye on www.flaminglips.com for details.

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