Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Recess Monkeys-My Girl

Somewhere around here, there's a review of the Chilliwack album that "My Girl" is from. It was the song that was playing when I walked into my first high school dance and promptly stood to the side of the gym in Wright Fieldhouse with the other guys in my class. It would take a few years before we got enough courage to actually dance to a fast song.
We were sad fucks back then, but we made the most of our weekends-particularly when we got drivers licenses. Prior to that, we had mopeds and SCTV on Friday nights. Much of the first season hasn't aged well, but it got better as the years progressed. By the time Martin Short joined the cast, it was downright brilliant. You can find Saturday Night Live still ripping off some of some of the sketches today.

I can spend hours lost on YouTube looking at shit and a few of those would be devoted enitrely to SCTV stuff.

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