Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wayne Coyne Is In The Hospital

Wayne Coyne covering Keith Moon's "Full Moon"
I'm piecing this all together from a series of tweets from Wayne Coyne's Twitter feed where he speaks of gouging a hole in his leg and letting it get properly infected before those around him said "Get your ass to a hospital."

He did so, it seems, and forgot to bring some undies to his visit as the photo from one of the tweets would suggest.

But if you can pry your eyes away from his white ass long enough to check out those circulation socks or whatever is assisting his calves, we gotta give Wayne a "Get Well Soon!" cheer and a spin of Oh My Gawd!!!

Thankfully, the kind staff of St Anthony Hospital in OKC allowed 20 trick or treaters to visit Wayne in his room, where he dutifully handed out candy.

Hopefully, someone tied up the back of his gown, as we already had another full moon this Halloween.

Man, I'm on fire tonight!

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