Monday, December 3, 2012

Harry Nilsson's The Point DVD Released

There's so much more about Harry Nilsson that I've yet to discover, and now the list gets longer.

Evidently, besides a really bad vampire movie (or so I'm told, since I've never actually seen it), Nilsson also released a kid's cartoon, a sampling of which is below.

A friend of mine once went as Nilsson circa '73 for Halloween and pulled it off remarkably well. He showed me the picture and had me guess who he was. He said that not a lot of people remembered or knew who Nilsson was, which is a damn shame if you've ever heard Aerial Ballet.

Here's the poop:

Harry Nilsson's The Point: The Definitive Collector's Edition out now
via MVD Entertainment Group

The animated classic returns to DVD with over 25 minutes of bonus features!

Directed by Academy Award-winner Fred Wolf, The Point tells the story of Oblio, a round-headed boy living in the land of "Point," where everything and everybody has one. Oblio, along with his trusty dog, Arrow, is banished to the Pointless Forest. The tale is narrated by Ringo Starr and includes songs written and sung by Grammy Award-winner Harry Nilsson. The definitive collector's edition.

Track Listing

Me And My Arrow
Everything's Got 'Em
Poli High
Think About Your Troubles
Life Line
Waltz Are You Sleeping?

Bonus Materials Includes Four Never-Before-Seen Bonus Featurettes:

Who Is Harry Nilsson?
Pitching The Point 
Making The Point 
Legacy Of The Point

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