Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year From Glam-Racket!

Another year and another set of resolutions. But before that, let me take a step back and declare that 2007 was not only one of the best in terms of some great music, but it was a monumental one for me on a personal level. Let’s recap those 2007 resolutions:

  • Update Glam-Racket’s layouts (I actually did that fairly early in the year. More recently, I managed to tag all of the articles for easier searching. To be honest, I did this more for my benefit than anyone else, which is pretty typical as this blog is a pretty selfish endeavor anyway.)

  • Get married (Done…In what could best be described as a “shotgun wedding.”)

  • Have a baby (See above)

  • Get a job (I know, it’s hard to believe that Glam-Racket doesn’t pay the bills.)

  • Buy 5 new Fall cds (done)

Looking back, that was a fairly substantial list. And while nothing should top getting married, the entire emotional rollercoaster ride that was the birth of our daughter probably managed to do it. So I’m taking a reprieve from any resolutions in ’08.
Besides, it’s going to take all of my strength to condition myself to understand that the idea of “the record” as I remember it is now unhip and a relic from another era.
So get ready 2008! It’s the year that I jump on the digital bandwagon!
As far as this site is concerned, I guess I’ll continue to review a bunch of records that nobody really gives a shit about. I mean, seriously, I’m currently working on a review of Bob Seger’s Smokin’ OP’s album, how stupid is that?! I’m also contemplating adding more pointless lists because I’ve got nothing better to do than, well, make up bullshit lists about bullshit topics.
And then there’s you: the eight loyal readers of this site that return back and briefly skim over what essentially is the product of what a therapist recommended about five years ago.
Oh, but I was so much older then.
I’m younger than that now.
Nonetheless, thanks for stopping by.


Churlita said...

Hey, Happy New Year to you and your family. You're one of the coolest bloggers I've met in real life - even if I was a little on the dee-runk side the last time I saw you at the HOLS show.

Todd Totale said...

Bless you and ditto. I didn't notice the drunken shenanigans. I did notice a lot of overweight middle aged guys yelling "Dude!" and "Bro! I haven't seen you in forever!" before hugging each other in drunken emotion. Present company included.

DJMurphy said...

Belatedly, merry new year, Todd!! You're a better man than myself going digital.

From one of the faithful 8,

Todd Totale said...

Thank you sir. And if you could update yer own blog sometime within the next quarter, that would be great. You should be used to thinking on only two hours of sleep by now, so get on it.

DJSassafrass said...

Marriage and kids! What a grown-up you have become.
Haven't talked to you in forever but add me to your list of 8 readers. Your blog is fun and one of the only music review sites that is actually interesting to read.
I've relocated as you may have heard from B-rad, but I'm close to the Valair ballroom so if you guys need to see some shows, then I need to go with you!

Todd Totale said...

And Eight Is Enough to fill our house with love! Starring Adam Rich and Dick Van Patten as the Father to the dude that was in Rock & Roll High School! Useless information, but I must confess that I had no idea you moved to the Capitol city. BeRad doesn't get out much anymore and he only communicates through XBox Live headsets.
I'm strangely drawn to the idea of Velvet Revolver at Val Air, until I saw Slash with Bill Gates together, onstage, no shit.

DJSassafrass said...

B-rad-didn't tell you? I can't imagine! Now that he is on afternoons he should be getting out more. Any trip you make to the Valair--let me know (I love that place). VR tickets were like $40 though and I was having a hard time with that...Slash and Bill Gates=BFF???