Thursday, December 20, 2007

OCD Chronicles: Kate Bush "This Woman's Work"

My current obsession suddenly hit after watching the season/series finale of Extras. In case you’re wondering: the show, in similar fashion to the finale of The Office, was freakin’ brilliant. Season one was ok. Season two was much more awesomer. And the finale managed to turn Gervais into this asshole catch-phrase television star that’s completely forgotten the dismal origins of his career. In the process, he also forgets the one friend that’s stood by him throughout during a time where she really needs a helping hand or, at the very least, an understanding ally.
That ally doesn’t come from Andy Millman. It came from a Kate Bush song, “This Woman’s Work.” It’s been years since I’d heard it, and the gentle reassurance from Bush’s voice fit perfectly as we see Maggie working dismal jobs just to afford to pay the rent on a one-room shitty apartment in a bad part of town. We see her giving up on acting and trading in her dreams for cleaning, washing dishes, and nearly begging for a position at a cell phone store run by Andy’s former manager. Throughout these scenes, we hear Kate tenderly offering “I know you have a little life in you yet,” that inner voice that says to keep going on.
There are times when we need that little voice and, on occasion, there are times when only a song provides it.
Of course, Gervais is something special and, without divulging too much, Andy Millman finally reaches an epiphany about his own priorities in his career and how he’s treated those that he now feels superior over. I’ll leave it to you to check out that powerful scene while I look forward to Ricky’s next televised accomplishment and while I bask in “This Woman’s Work” playing repeatedly in my head.

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Cousin J said...

Agreed. Brilliant, heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting finale to a fantastic show. When I rewatch it I'll listen for the Kate Bush tune as I wasn't familiar with it.