Saturday, December 14, 2013

Run Westy Run Heads Home For A Reunion At First Avenue

If I were in Minneapolis next Friday, I would be at First Avenue checking out the Run Westy Run reunion.

For every Replacement or Husker Du, there were shitloads of other bands that navigated closed to national recognition while laying waste to audiences throughout the Upper Midwest. I don't know if you had any perspective to Run Westy Run back in the day, but around here they were welcomed, enjoyed and expected to carry the Twin Cities torch to some extend.

Featuring three brothers named Johnson, all with strong chins, Run Westy Run walked a blurred line between country, the blues, and the Twin City's natural tendency to punk shit up. The Husker's Grant Hart produced an effort for SST while R.E.M.'s Peter Buck twiddled the knobs for the much matured and consistently good Green Cat Island from 1990.

I'm not sure what took place after that; the Golden Smog project that brother Kraig Johnson was a part of kind of took off, but I do know the R.W.R. line of "floatin' on a pigeon wing" has stayed with me for some time and the holidays are as good as time as any to revisit some old friends.

Run Westy Run @ First Avenue Friday, December 27, 2013.

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