Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mo Tucker: Tea Party Member

I suppose it shouldn't surprise me, but in a way it does.

There is video footage of Velvet Underground drummer Maureen Tucker at a Tea Party protest in George from last spring, providing support for the political movement.

She even provides a quote for the local news team covering the event, which sounds like the kind of quote you'd expect from a Tea Party supporter.

I also wonder if Mo hasn't lost some teeth-it looks kind of barren in there, but it is not very conclusive from the video.

What irks me-and the think that's disheartening-is how there was much to be said about Mo's financial situation among V.U. fans prior to the reunion in the 90's. For those of you who don't remember or don't care, there was plenty of discussion that Mo worked at the local Wal-Mart and how the low-paying gig did not leave her with much more than enough to pay the bills.

It was the burden of working for this infamously shrew employer that supposedly sparked the anger that is very evident on her awesome solo album I Spent A Week There The Other Night.

All of this seems slightly out of wack now that Mo has alligned herself with a group that wants the government out of our lives even after big money businesses have used D.C. Laissez-faire attitude to bring about the greatest economic collapse of our country since the Great Depression.

And Mo, remember how hard it was to get good insurance from that big box distribution center? Maybe that explains the troubling dental work.

Because of the lack of geeky indie rock nerds in the Albany, Georgia area, and because Mo now looks like a non-descript Tea Party member, bloggers like myself are just now getting hip to the fact that at least one member of America's most subversive rock and roll bands didn't buy all of the pretentious N.Y.C. liberal bullshit after the band imploded.

She probably also understands that comments like this are needed, particularly in view of the Jewish dominance of our liberal media.

Of course, none of this is more shocking than Lou Reed's love of Tai Chi and Iphone apps.


Kiko Jones said...

Got 2 words for you: Jerry Rubin. None of this nonsense surprises me anymore.

Oh, and "pretentious N.Y.C. liberal bullshit?" Wait--who's the Tea Partier, again?

Jerry Wallace said...

Sarcasm doesn't work well in the spoken word unless it has that "/sarcasim" tag at the end, does it Totale?

Imagine what your readers will do with your "I Hate Juice" rant.

Todd Totale said...

True. But I love me some juice. Stocked up the fridge with some OJ, Ocean Spray, and a bit of Lemonade. Wait, is that even juice?

Kiko-Just doing my part in spreading the catchphrases of the right.

Kiko Jones said...

Duly noted. Carry on.