Monday, October 25, 2010

The OCD Chronicles: Charlie Sexton-"Beat's So Lonely"

Blame Dylan.

What other excuse is there for suddenly having the one and only hit for Charlie Sexton streaming through my head the day after seeing him playing lead guitar (again) for Bob Dylan's band.

And aside from the nifty little minor chord progression of "Beat's So Lonely's" chorus, there's really nothing all that memorable for me about this song.

I can remember when the song first came out, the press was telling us music fans how Charlie was this guitar prodigy, a cool kid around my age that came from Austin, Texas and played with a bunch of cool people.

They told us how Sexton had teamed up with Keith Forsey-the mastermind behind Billy Idol's biggest hits-and was about to take over.

Then "Beat's So Lonely" came out, causing us to scratch our heads and ponder "Where's the guitar?"

The chicks dug him though; the only time I ever heard Sexton's debut album Pictures For Pleasure was through the cassettes of girls who thought he was cute.


Cousin J said...

That's what I always wondered...'Where's the guitar?!?" I've got his 1st on vinyl & 2nd on cd. The 2nd I picked up used cheap because it has a cover version of a Marty Willson-Piper tune that I guess was meant to be an attempt at a hit single back in the day. Both take way too few chances & are pretty mild for someone with such guitar 'prowess'. Medicre efforts best.

Tanja said...

I vaguely remember this from back in the day 'cause my sister had it on cassette. That guitar solo is pretty tame. He also kinda looked like "Kings of the Wild Frontier" era Adam Ant. Is he still that skinny?

Bace14 said...

Im sorry but that lead track in beat so lonely has to be Steve Stevens from Billy Idol