Thursday, May 21, 2009

Punch Drunk: More Info On Brent Hinds Head Injury

I only post this because, until Cousin J forwarded me the article, I assumed that Brent Hinds’ head injury was the result of drunken shenanigans and at the hands by the bass player of System of a Down.
It turns out that it was the result of drunken shenanigans at the hands of one of the entourage members of the Wu Tang Clan, Rev.William Burke aka William Hudson aka the dude you never heard of because he’s collaborating with the bass player of System of a Down.
As badass as that getting the shit kick out of you by a member of the Wu Tang Clan may sound-I mean, if you’re going to have your ass handed to you, why not have it done by a dude that rolls with the Wu-the reality of the incident is much more uncool. Namely because nobody’s heard of this dude. Translated: a little pussy with lesser talent than Brent Hinds sucker punched the guitarist because he hit him with a fucking shirt. Sure, Hinds is notorious for drinking too much and being a little too quick with the fists, but as far as I know, he’s never nearly destroyed someone else’s livelihood with a sucker punch. For real: what kind of pussy sucker punches a drunken dude just because the shirt they’re spinning around accidently hits them?

“It was a cheap shot and if I would’ve seen it coming, it never would’ve
happened,” says Hinds, pauses lengthening between words. “He’s a coward and
complete asshole. He hides in the shadows and punches people out of nowhere,
which is the most little girl thing I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s like,
‘Dude, grow some balls and fuckin’ face me, and I guarantee you’ll be going
down, not me.’” Hinds was hospitalized with severe head trauma. At first, his
brain was so swollen that his doctor called his relatives and suggested they fly
to Vegas in case he didn’t wake up from his coma.

And where the fuck was this Shavo Odadjian? Why is he hanging with such a pussy? If Hinds was being a douche, why not call it a night, grab your lady Wu puppydog, and retreat for a sober, less threatening environment? Admittedly, I wasn’t there and there’s a bunch on conflicting stories (even Hinds’-who admittedly was near a fucking coma-seems to change the events every time he speaks about it), but I’ll be damned if I know of any thirty year olds that allow themselves to be put into situations in which an felony is in the plans for the evening. Keep in mind, Shavo is a dude that’s directed a Bad Brains video, and if anyone can direct something with HR in it, that person can handle the most unpredictable of personalities.
There’s the risk now that Hinds will seek some kind of retaliation; never mind that if I were ever punched into a coma, I’d be retiring from the fisticuffs entirely.

"He sucker punched me out of nowhere and almost ended my life," Hinds says. "If I ever see that dude, I will have to spend some time in prison."
-Rolling Stone

Which leads me to the question: Did the law ever get involved with this incident? It seems that if someone dropped someone to the point of near-death and the person responsible for it is known and caught on camera, isn’t that person picked up by the black and white and has to make some kind of explanation? I remember moving a bunch of safety cones to block a street in the city park, getting busted for it, and having to go down to the station for at least a twenty minute interrogation. Are we at a day and age where dropping someone to the point where they suffer brain damage is not an investigative issue.
Part of me hopes for a little retaliatory revenge, but a larger part of me hopes the whole thing is dropped while both Shavo and Hudson’s career get their own reminder of how livelihood is a precious thing. Karma, as we all know, usually is the best form of justice around.

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