Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Mike Watt Tour Spiel

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the death of Ron Asheton hasn’t slowed down Mike Watt. The bassist is in the van once again, testing the waters with his third-count ‘em-third opera. This one hasn’t been released yet and, according to his tour blog, he’s learning the parts while on the road.

A moving passage from the man as he travels to his first gig in Tucson.

there's traff in downtown l.a. so I'm an hour late getting tom and peak but get
them we do. we go east on I-10 towards arizona where tuscson. it's smaller than
phoenix but it's older. I got us a garmin nuvi265t gps navigation system for
pretty econo and I guess I trust in enough to only check up sometimes in the
atlas to make sure things are cool. it's 501 miles from pedro to tucson and the
drive is beautiful cuz I love the desert and the weather very mild. we do pass
the place where d. boon was killed twentyfour years ago in arizona but I don't
know exactly cuz I only looked at the pictures d. boon's pop showed and wouldn't
take them - too freaked out... but I did accept the two guitars and in fact
wrote this whole "hyphenated-man" third opera on one of them, the black
telecaster. I don't play guitar very good but I wanted to work it this way
whatever….I think about d. boon, I think about ronnie - I think about my pop...
three men in my life I have to learn to live w/out.

God Bless Mike Watt.

Foto courtesy of The Hoot Page.


Tanja said...

Besides turning 40 last week, reading that it's been 24 years since D.Boon died has me feeling really really old.

Kiko Jones said...

Very touching.