Friday, May 29, 2009

Heaven & Hell Record Signing

Probably the best in-store appearance footage ever. A fat, middle aged dude nearly looses it at a recent record signing in San Bernadino, California featuring Heaven & Hell. While waiting in line, the guy begins screaming, clearly excited at the prospects of meeting his heroes. ("These guys are Gods! I'm gonna friggin' FAINT!")
This immediately draws attention. As a matter of fact, the guy with him was almost as annoying at first, but managed to collect his shit as they got closer for fear of being escorted out of the store His friend, however, can't contain himself and doesn't care who notices or hears him ("I'm gonna fuckin' pass out. Pardon my French!"). You will notice one of the security guys looking a bit anxious as he collects the dude's cd and hands it to Iommi.
The crazy dude gets his disc signed and even manages to get a handshake in at the end. It's obvious that both Geezer and Iommi are used to this kind of zaniness; they barely eye contact and only allow a brief handshake ("Gently! Gently!)
He's clearly coherent enough to know that he's making people nervous, offering a final "I'm leaving now!" as he gets his disc and makes his way to the exit, still yelling every step of the way.

In other news, the New York Post is reporting that Ozzy Osbourne-under mind control from the greedy succubus known as Sharon-is suing Tony Iommi for using the name Black Sabbath after he quit/got fired. He's asking for 50% interest of the name and a percentage of Iommi's profits for Sabbath material after 1980, probably because his piece of shit variety show got cancelled after-what-one fucking episode.

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Cousin J said...

Hi-fucking-larious! "GEEZER, GEEZER BUTLER!" "IOMMI!" Vinnie says "He gets louder as he leaves." & Dio is even amused. From what I've been reading, everyone signed over the name Black Sabbath to Iommi in the 80's, even Ozzy. Wonder if this has been brewing for awhile & is part of the reasoning behind touring under Heaven & Hell?