Friday, February 29, 2008

So just...give up

The last time I cried during a song? That’s easy. A pair of Aimee Mann songs turns on the waterworks every fucking time.
“Deathly” and “Wise Up”
And if I’m watching that scene in Magnolia, the one where all the characters sing “Wise Up” along with the song, well fucking pass the Puffs immediately.
I’m holding back tears just thinking about it.
I’m going on a limb here and declaring that it may not have been the first time that Aimee Mann has made me feel a little, um, sentimental.
Let’s see. There’s that ending to “Voices Carry” where she says with complete contempt “He said ‘Shut Up! Oh God can’t you keep it down?!’” before she reaches that defeated, resigned line “I wish he would let me talk” right when the song fades out.
And remember kids, this was a top ten hit.
Then there’s that lesser known ‘Til Tuesday song “(Believed You Were) Lucky” from the third album, where an in love Aimee sweetly sings how life “would be fucking great” if her man (Jules Shear) would just figure out that they were one of those pairs put together by fate.
Then you get older and understand that “fate” is just one of those bullshit terms that those one-in-a-million couples use to make the rest of us think is possible.
Just like those fucking Powerball winners.
“(Believed) You Were Lucky” is just so goddamn sweet ‘n full of love that it practically brings you to tears because you want to hit Jules upside the head and go “Douchebag! She’s perfect for you!”
But nothing, I mean nothing, can prepare you for those two tracks that Aimee did for Magnolia that arrive with a jaw-dropping thud the first time you hear them.
“You mean, that’s the same chick from ‘Til Tuesday?”
Fuckin’ A.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got something in my eye…

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Churlita said...

I'm right there with you on this one. the year I left my abusive ex-husband. "I'm With Stupid" was my soundtrack.