Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meet The New Boss (Same As The Old Boss)

Glam-Racket reached somewhat of a milestone today: it was banned at work. For some reason, the site was tagged by the IT department so that now every time I try to access it, I get a nasty message indicating that it is banned by the “administrator.”
While I don’t troll around at my own site at all hours of the day, I occasionally will transpose a Word document or two with the idea that I’ll be able to finish my thoughts later, without interruption. It’s not that big of a deal; I can always just send the item to my email addy, but it is nice to get the formatting shit started while on the company dime.
Besides, they’ve changed my lunch schedule so I don’t have anyone cool to chill with in the cafeteria so I just hang in my cubicle and surf the net with my delicious ham, turkey, and havarti sandwich, Cheese Its, and whatever little bag of cookies that I swipe from the kids (this week has been Dora the Explorer animal crackers).
So now, the site has joined the ranks of MySpace, Facebook, Hotmail, and Cum Fiesta. It’s a proud moment here.
In other news:
I passed a test that I originally flunked at word (poor study habits) which means something, but I can’t really figure out what. I learned some shit about annuities, which has no bearing on my job whatsoever.
The little man E apparently does not enjoy going to the Episcopal Church. I dragged his ass there last Sunday (he refers to it as the “Halloween” church because of all the stained glass depictions of Peter Murphy in the windows. He’d rather stay home and watch Yo Gabba Gabba, but who wouldn’t? Oh yeah, we had to enroll him into kindergarten, which is mind-blowing.
Speaking of: Calli is ready to fucking walk (already!), is getting in her teeth (cute!) and is starting to get a little attitude (fuck!). She enjoys wrestling around, kissing the boys at daycare, and chewing on everything. She also has a penchant for dancing (she especially likes the Juno soundtrack and crawling around naked.
The wife is good. I enjoy having sex with her.
Life is pretty swell.
It’s kind of a drag that I don’t have a helluva lot of time to do all the reviews I want to or devote a ton of time listening to music like I used to.
Priorities, baby.
At the same time, I’m thoroughly enjoying going back and searching for those off-the-wall albums that I remember owning at one point in time before mysteriously losing it or (even worse) selling it. It’s fun being able to remember the words to some of this shit, even when it may have been in upwards of three decades since I last heard it.
For real: I spun Jethro Tull’s Heavy Horses the other night after everyone went to be and remembered every fucking word to “The Mouse Police Never Sleep” even after it’s been decades removed from any playback machine.
And fuck you: Jethro Tull had a few decent jams back in the day.


Churlita said...

I think that was your most awesome post ever.

"The wife is good. I enjoy having sex with her."

What more could you ask for in a marriage?

DJSassafrass said...

I laughed at that too! But I also liked the Halloween church comment...churches freak me out too!