Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Real Reason MTV Doesn't Play Music Videos

We’ve all been there: bitching about how MTV no longer plays music videos.

Hell, they don’t even claim the “Music Television” part of their moniker any more!

But what’s really sad is how a channel like VH1 Classic, a network that seems to be catered towards my demographic, has also be the kibosh on music related material.

It used to be endless repeats of That Metal Show, concerts and programming related to the hardest rock songs of all time. Now it’s Married…With Children repeats and the strange introduction of The Larry Sanders Show to the nightly programming. I mean, I know Tom Petty had a cameo once, but seriously, what the fuck does Gary Shandling have to do with music?

But I digress. It’s now time for the younger generation to feel old for a bit.

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