Friday, November 9, 2012

Eddie Money Has Given Up

It’s official, Eddie Money has given up on giving a shit. Twenty years into his county fair tour, Money gives a particularly candid assessment of his relevance in a recent interview with the awesomely-titled Up On The Sun, a music blog documenting the worthy notes of the Phoenix area.

“Once they buy your greatest hits, they don’t give a shit if you live or die.” Money admits in the interview, which serves as a precursor to his performance in a minor league stadium for a benefit to the Boys and Girls club.

The rest of the interview is filled with the prerequisite “back in the good old days” meanderings, which occasionally borders on the kind of conversation that one may have with a former president of the local Rotary Club instead of a hard boozing rock and roller.

He peppers his meanderings with “I sold a lot of records in Phoenix back in the 80’s. It was `one of my biggest markets.” Conjuring up images more like a car salesmen than rock star. “When you think about it, I had 14 songs in the Top 100. That’s when Sony Records was really big and really happening.”

If Money looks fondly on the past, it’s only because he seems frightened of what the future will provide him. Besides the charity gig, Money admits “I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll be putting out a new record within the next year.” Hinting that, at this point, the wheels of repetition continue in Money’s world, even when there’s little interest beyond the greatest hits collection and embarrassingly accurate insurance commercials.

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