Monday, June 6, 2011

Sebadoh's Bakesale Gets Reissue Treatment

It's a toss up between Sebadoh's III or Bakesale as my favorite album from the band. With the upcoming re-issue coming up, I'll get to spend some quality time with an album that I haven't heard in a while.

Admittedly, it's been Lou Barlow's revisit of the Dinosaur Jr. fold that had me neglecting his Sebadoh's work, which exceeded Mascis' output for a while in terms of quality.

Here's the straight poop from the band's label, who would appreciate it if you purchased the expanded, physical product instead of just downloading it for free and labeling the file as "deluxe edition."

Best of all, if you pre-order it, you can get a big ol' picture of Baby Barlow playing around in a toilet.

Who wouldn't want that on their walls?

Sebadoh’s 1994 album, Bakesale, was the band’s fifth full-length album, arguably their best and certainly their most acclaimed. For this June 14, 2011 deluxe reissue the original album has been re-mastered and a full CD of b-sides, EP tracks and rarities, all from the same era as Bakesale, has been added (the full track listing is below). All of which was overseen by Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow and Jason Loewenstein. The album is also being reissued on LP for the first time in years and will include the bonus material as a digital download. If you pre-order Bakesale via prior to release date, you will also receive a free Bakesale poster. Click here to pre-order.

Sebadoh began in the late 1980s as a songwriting outlet for Lou Barlow of Dinosaur Jr. What started as a few acoustic songs taped at home on a four-track recorder grew into a grassroots fanbase and a record deal with Homestead. With Barlow officially parting ways with Dinosaur Jr. in 1989, he and collaborator Eric Gaffney focused on Sebadoh and with the addition of Jason Lowenstein the band began touring and recording demos. It was these early demos that lead to a deal with Sub Pop Records in the early ‘90s. Bakesale was Sebadoh’s third album for Sub Pop and seventeen years after its original release, it stands the test of time. With an entire disc of bonus material for this deluxe reissue there are more reasons to fall in love with this album all over again.

Right now on you can download a free mp3 of the song "Rebound" from Bakesale (click track name to download) and watch the associated music video.

For more information on Sebadoh please visit here.

Bakesale Disc 1 (original album):
01 License to Confuse
02 Careful
03 Magnet's Coil
04 Not a Friend
05 Not Too Amused
06 Dreams
07 Skull
08 Got It
09 S. Soup
10 Give Up
11 Rebound
12 Mystery Man
13 Temptation Tide
14 Drama Mine
15 Together or Alone

Bakesale Disc 2 (bonus tracks):

01 MOR Backlash
02 Not a Friend (four-track)
03 Foreground
04 40203
05 Mystery Man (four-track)
06 Drumstick Jumble
07 Lime Kiln
08 Fancy-Ass / Destitute
09 Perfect Way (four-track)
10 Give the Drummer Some
11 Cementville
12 Social Medicine
13 On Fire (acoustic)
14 Magnet's Coil (acoustic)
15 Rebound (acoustic)
16 Punching Myself in the Face Repeatedly, Publicly
17 Sing Something / Plate of Hatred
18 III Screams (Wet Synth Mix)
19 Monsoon
20 Rainbow Farm
21 Hank Williams
22 Careful
23 Dramamine
24 Not Too Amused
25 Shit Soup

Sebadoh - Rebound (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo


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