Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Red Fang - Murder The Mountains

Red Fang make the kind of metal that gets you reaching for a guitar-or tennis racket if you’re unable to locate a six string-and bash out pretend riffs until your head hurts or until the Old Milwaukee wears off.

There’s nothing new on their sophomore release-Murder The Mountains-that hasn’t been done before, and there’s nothing on it that will have you caring much either. It’s all Melvins-inspired riffage with heaping helpings of sativa-fueled performances that must be a riot to witness live as it is on headphones.

Look, you should probably be warned that I’m a sucker for this stuff to begin with, and I should probably direct you more to those early aforementioned Melvins records, Saint Vitus, or even that awesome album from The Sword last year.

But pot smoking kills your inhibition to the point where I’m too lazy to add a few extra paragraphs describing all of the influences that Red Fang wear proudly on their sleeves while they’re rolling joints and slamming cans of Tecate.

Instead, let me lay on a most awesome video for “Wires,” one that shows a running tally of the video costs as they blow it all on smashing into shit with a we-tote-the-note used car purchase.

It’s good enough to get you to consider purchasing Murder The Mountains, but listening to it without the visuals will be enough to get you to stake your claim directly in front of the stage the next time Red Fang stroll into your town.

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Jack Medley 666 said...

As PNW resident and PDX music lover who had to GTFO of town to go to school again (THANKS, MY WEBSITE LOOKS LIKE SHIT AND IS UNUSABLE BUT HEY I ONLY PAID $500 TO SOME HIGH SCHOOL KIDS AND WILL CONTINUE PAYING $500 DOLLARS TO HIGH SCHOOL KIDS UNTIL MY BUSINESS IS RUINED), I missed out on Red Fang. As soon as I heard them I thought, "Wow these guys are the PNW version of Fu Manchu..." until I remembered Kyuss. Kyuss is the link between any Danzig-related band, Black Sabbath, and anything new that sounds like them. In other words, anything super heavy and devoid of over-use of the Metallica/Megadeth "jug-jug" sound. Kyuss started it--they were super-faves of oldies like Voodoo Gearshift--but I have been super-stoked that Red Fang were able to pick up the heaviness while combining it with the GET FUCKED LOL attitude that permeates the marijuana and alcohol-influenced lifestyle of the PNW. Badass album, and very real in the way the anger is displayed via sound rather than clobbering people. tl;dr: Pull a couple tubes, chug some beers, laugh a bunch, rock hard, and have your ol' lady pay the bills.