Monday, January 24, 2011

Flavor Flav Chicken

To be honest, I had no idea before today’s announcement that Flavor Flav was teaming up for a fast food franchise that opened its first restaurant here in Iowa.

To be honest again, I have no idea why Flavor Flav would even want to start up a fast food franchise in what he himself referred to as “out here in the middle of some place.”

That “some place” is Clinton, Iowa-a dirty river town that, like other small Mississippi river town, was founded on manufacturing jobs that have since been made redundant. There are many river towns that have changed course and begun a small rebirth, but there are many others that have not, and they have been losing ground in trying to stay afloat with a crumbling work force.

Clinton is one of those towns.

Will it succeed? Probably not, I just don’t see the connection. Iowa is predominately white and there is very little evidence of a sustainable urban culture in these parts. In other words, I don’t see a lot of Public Enemy fans around these parts, or enough to seek out a chicken joint. To be fair, I understand that most of Flav’s fans nowadays are because of his reality show, and even with that notoriety, I just don’t see a lot of interest.

The few pictures that I’ve seen of the restaurant don’t appear to have any real forethought into future expansion. It looks like some local artist just drew up some amateurish caricatures of Flavor Flav and none of them look to be anything that can be mass-produced.

And is it just me, or does the connection between Flavor Flav and the restaurant seem suspect? So this is his recipe that he developed or is this just an arrangement with his likeness? I mean, sure, he claims to drop in from time to time to prep, cook, and sell the fixins’, but why am I feeling that Flav won’t feel a pinch when this weirdly devised pairing finally hits a dead end.

Full story over at the Clinton Herald.

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