Thursday, September 9, 2010

American Speedway Release Something. World Farts.

Look! I'm cutting and pasting just like the Music Sluts website does!

"Gotta job doin' record promo...And none of the critics can even tell I'm a homo"

That reminds me that I need to review Sheik Yourbuti if I haven't already.

I kind of like American Speedway; if they can keep this line-up together and tour the booze right out of them, they could be even better.

Philadelphia, PA - September 7, 2010 - American Speedway, the beer guzzlin' punk rock n roll foursome from the Philadelphia-area, have nearly completed their sophomore album A Bigger Boat (due Winter 2010). A 7" vinyl single will be released in Fall 2010 and the featured track entitled "Howl (Ya Doin?) is exclusively streaming on right now - .

In January 2010, Lorraine "Dirty" McGurty joined the band as the new lead guitarist. McGurty was lead axe for an all female metal band called WENCH, who (in the early 90s) had a good amount of success domestically and also toured throughout Europe and the UK several times.

"Dirty McGurty!" How awesome is that?!

There's a band in Iowa City with the awful name of The Old Man that mines similar territory and they too could become really good with a ton of practice and a commitment to keep all songs under 3:33.

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