Monday, June 7, 2010

The OCD Chronicles: Iggy Pop - "Funtime"

It’s not even my favorite Iggy solo album and I’m going to admit that it took me over a year to warm to it, but there are moments when The Idiot is an awesome mood compliment.

The deadpan of Mr. Osterberg on “Funtime,” particularly the line “Everybody we like your lips. Baby baby we like your pants” fit better than a pair of business casual khakis as I make my way out of the car to walk into work.

You see, I’m in dire need of a vacation, even during a time when the company is going out of their way to make me feel appreciated, inside there a moments when any small ailment makes me feel like calling in sick.

I press forward. Counting the days to my vacation, which officially begins in 3 days and 20 hours from now.

But who’s counting?

I’m in a robot right now, spewing out phony enthusiasm just like the off-kilter chorus of “All aboard for fun time.”

I can walk from my car in the parking lot to my cubicle in the span of “Funtime.”
I can drive from my driveway and reach my parking lot all in the span of The Idiot.

By the way, I can do the same thing with Devo’s Q: Are Wee Not Men? A: We Are Devo! too, so it’s not that unique.

Here's a version of "Funtime" that's ten-times better than the one on The Idiot.

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