Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ewan Dobson Is The New Acoustic Yngwie

A friend sent me a link on this guy who is so good on guitar that I couldn't pass it up.

This was the first I'd heard about him, and although it's nothing good enough for me to go and seek out, it's good enough to watch him perform. I'd totally see this dude live, but it sounds like much of his U.S. gigwork entails contests and clinics and the stuff that never really goes beyond the gearheads.

Maybe I'm wrong-maybe the dude is a touring machine. Or maybe he's with a band where he occasionally goes it alone to strut his stuff. Like I said, I don't know anything about him other than he's Canadian, he won second place in some acoustic finger-picking contest in Kansas, he has a love of oriental clothing, and his video budget allowed for him to play in front of a green screen and he chose a never ending movement of clouds, lightning, and awesome sky visuals.

Who wouldn't?!

So if you can admit to yourself that the production value is awesome and admit that this dude is better than half of the guitarists on your personal "Best Guitarist of All Time" list, then you'll realize that Ewan Dobson has the most awesome video on You Tube right now.

Prepared to be blown away.



Cousin J said...

Nope. I'm not buying. While I will admit that his pinky looks like an otherworldly appendage and the real trick to playing awesome scales is having a long enough pinky, this dude is not doing anything that I couldn't do with aome practice. I guarantee Brad could do this with probably very little practice. While it does sound very good, he's basically playing a C.C. Deville solo on an acoustic guitar...lots of scales & a few harmonics. It only sounds different because it's on an acoustic.

He should be in a band because that would look & sound good in a bar. On a positive note I did like the background & the headband. It takes balls to pull off a headband, I mean look at our famous headband wearers...Axl, Bret Michaels, that dude from Metal Sludge. Props for the headband for sure.

Tanja said...

I agree with Cousin J. Me thinks this guy spent way too much time practicing scales alone in his bedroom. It sounds cool, but not that technically exciting.
I recommend Gabriela y Rodrigo (heard their sound called what happens when metal fans play flamenco). The headband takes me back to junior high.
oh, and no way Brad could focus long enough to practice that much, Mr. ADD himself.

PF Carlson said...

He's better on the
short-winded stuff. Imagine this with a banjo accompaniment...or someone you know busting this out at a party.

The dude's good.

old balls said...

\that dudes pinky is bigger than your dick. aint no way you can claim to be as good as the guitar ninja/