Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gary Numan Performs The Pleasure Principle Live In Its Entirety

It’s a song that has significant importance to me.

More on that later-or maybe another time.

Gary Numan “Cars” is a critical milestone song in my interaction with members of the opposite sex.

This fact alone makes “Cars” an important song, but it’s not the only reason why this song ranks as one of my favorite songs ever-maybe top 100.

“Cars” also opened up my ears to electronic music, and it’s a love that continues to this day. Numan’s space-age synthesizers give me this futuristic chill, and it remains with me whenever I find my channel surfing land on a rerun of The Next Generation or watching Blade Runner again.

It was also Gary Numan’s only entry into the American Top 40.

“Cars” came from the album The Pleasure Principle, a record which had him staring at a pyramid on the cover. Even though I liked “Cars” and was fond of the flip side “Metal,” it took many years for me to buy the album.

It’s really cool-and Numan has just announced a quick U.S. tour where he’ll perform the album in its entirety.

Of course, the closest he’s coming to me is a Chicago date and of course that date is on a weeknight.

Here’s the North American dates for this Fall, but if you’re in the area of one of these venues I’d make plans to check out this rare live offering. It’ll take about twenty to thirty minutes before “Cars” comes up in the playlist, but the road to Gary Numan’s most popular song is an enjoyable travel.

Here's footage of Numan singing "Cars" with Nine Inch Nails during one of the stops of their tour last year.

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