Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jimmy Fallon Features All Ringo Episode

Holy shit! Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is still on the air! I've seen it once, but then got frustrated and turned the channel. Every subsequent viewing prompted the same reaction until I finally gave up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon completely.
Until last week when I was caught up in the late-night wars and notice that Fallon was having an hour-long show with nothing but Ringo.
I lasted about 15 minutes.
Ringo gets props for putting up with Fallon's awful interviewing, but it's quite apparent that Starkey is not as quick as he was before and his jokes are remarkably unfunny. In short, he's getting along in years and the "peace and love" bit is getting as tired as grandpa's war stories.
He's got a new album out-which is probably as good as his last one-which wasn't worth your time at all.
Here's a fairly embarassing version of "I Wanna Be Your Man" from the show. If anyone can explain why Ringo needs a back up drummer, feel free to share. Check out the part right before the piano solo where Ringo forgets the musician's name and then resorts to a scream of "Piano!"

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Kiko Jones said...

"If anyone can explain why Ringo needs a back up drummer, feel free to share."

Well, since Ringo wasn't even the best drummer in The Beatles--that would be Paul--I'm not surprised he would need back up these days.

And yes, that was an awful, off-key rendition of the song.