Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mastodon Now Makes Beer In Addition To Melting Faces

I'm posting this only because I'm hungover and lazy at the moment, a rare night of too much high alcohol stouts and a nightcap of a shot of Crown Royal.

It's cold here in Iowa already. I needed a hearty stout with an bit of an alcohol burn at the end to warm my aging bones in an attempt to keep up with a few younger ones, some of which I'm sure are now two decades younger than me.

Thankfully, my son didn't bust my chops on the fact that we were late to his basketball practice because his Dad needed coffee to become mobile just as my wife didn't bust my chops that the saw job that I did on the cabinets to make our new refrigerator fit in the kitchen was so far from fucking straight that it's embarrassing.

Damn you Founders' Breakfast Stout!

So here's a quick and easy post telling you about Mastodon's new beer, Black Tongue!

I have no idea of their involvement, and the video below doesn't really explain too much, other than the brewers made the drummer from Mastodon sit down and tell them what kind of beer they wanted him to make.

After suggesting to the professionals that they "Bring back the essence of Blatz with the urine soaked finish of a stale can of Hamms" the group decide on a black IPA, which probably means that I won't like it.

But hey, I like beer and I like Mastodon, so I won't bust your chops if you order a few bottles of Black Tongue and crank up Crack The Skye.

Just mind the hangover before you do.

Update: Like Elton John, It's made in England, so with the shipping costs to the U.S., I seriously doubt many North American readers will ever get a chance to sip the band's new brew.

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