Thursday, September 6, 2012

Iggy Pop Bobblehead Announced

We may have a contender for the second Bobblehead in Totale's collection. 

Let me first share a glance at my J. Mascis bobblehead that's currently guarding over my small collection of muscle car Matchbox cars (still in their packaging, because I'm an idiot) and a larger scale version of The Dukes Of Hazard General Lee car, which was going for around $75 at last glance on Ebay.

J.'s not much of a security guard, which makes Iggy a prime candidate for the job.

Drastic Plastic Collectibles and Impact Merchandising Present: Iggy Pop, the second of their limited edition bobbleheads.

Since his raucous proto-punk, peanut butter smearing days with The Stooges, few "street walking cheetahs" have mastered the maniacal with as much grit, gusto and flair as Iggy Pop. This rare figure is hand-numbered and limited to 1000 pieces. It stands 7-inches high and is made of durable polyresin. Get yours today as they are sure to go fast..  

Pre-order here:

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Cousin J said...

That is awesome. You shouldn't hesitate.