Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CocoRosie Seeking Film Submissions For Some Weird Thing They're Doing

From the endless emails comes word:

CocoRosie Needs Your Films and Videos!
A screening of short silent films with a live musical score.
Movies will be selected by Emma Freeman and Rupert Casady

As the donaufestival 2012 artists-in-residence, CocoRosie will present a music theatre, a dance theatre, and an all-stars concert, organise an exhibition, invite numerous guests, and debut a live film-music project: For “Harmless Monster”, CocoRosie asks you to send your short films and videos in any genre whatsoever.

Rupert Casady and the Australian filmmaker Emma Freeman will make a selection from the submitted films and videos, which will then be scored live during the festival by Coco Rosie and guests. The contributions should be no longer than five minutes long and naturally without sound – CocoRosie will take care of that!

The ladies will be heading back to the states on June 9 to play the Luckman Fine Arts Complex in Los Angeles. You can purchase tickets for this show here.

Send your submission using before March 30th, 2012, to:

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