Monday, August 15, 2011

Chad VanGaalen October 2011 Dates Announced, Infiniheart Vinyl Re-Issue

Sub Pop sends word of a small American tour by Chad VanGallen, the Canadian weirdo that dopped a badass elpee of nice tunes, the full review can be found here.

Or you could simply download a pair of MP3s courtesy of the label, with the understanding that you will see Chad in the flesh when he arrives in your locale.

Here's their spiel:

Chad VanGaalen is a wildly talented artist, illustrator and animator from Calgary, but you probably already knew that. What you may not have known is that starting October 6th, Chad will head to the states for a week’s worth of shows touring in support of his new full-length, Diaper Island. As with all of his albums, Chad is single-handedly responsible for all of the artistic efforts that went into Diaper Island—from album art to music videos and everything in between. The new video Chad made for the song “Peace on the Rise” (click title to watch) is ample supporting evidence for the "wildly talented" claim above. 

In other VanGaalen news, because we always aim to please, we thought it was time to repress Chad’s 2005 Sub Pop debut, Infiniheart, which has been out of print for the last 5 years. This is a double LP pressed on Pink vinyl and includes a digital download code to accompany this release. eBay-ers be warn, Ininihart is back in action. Click here to purchase your copy.

Tour Dates:

Oct 06 Holocene, Portland, OR
Oct 08 Crepe Place, Santa Cruz, CA

Oct 09 Echo, Los Angeles, CA
Oct 10 Soda Bar, San Diego, CA
Oct 11 Cafe du Nord, San Francisco, CA

Oct 13 Sam Bond's Garage, Eugene, OR

Oct 14 Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA

MP3 "Sara"

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