Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet The Emperors Club

There are some good things happening in Iowa City involving a new music collective called Emperors Club.

Featuring Adam Havlin from Deathships, San Diegan and Colin Ritchie from Trixter and Baby Animals respectively, Emperors Club is set to release their first e.p. entitled The Castle.

Of course, I'm kidding by suggesting that some members hail from failed 90's hair metal bands, and I'm joking if this comes across like I know any of those aforementioned members.

I've seen the name Deathships around town, but I rarely go old because I'm old with kids and anyone under thirty frightens me somewhat.

But I enjoy the title track that they have up at Soundcloud. It's a nice shot of unexpected Iowa power pop that sounds more Merseybeat than Midwest.

The Castle (preview) by Emperors Club

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pepperland said...

thanks for this. a nice one!