Sunday, July 10, 2011

Minerva Lions - Great Strides Priestess & Queen

There’s probably dozens of different tags that you could place on Minerva Lions’ sound, but none of them would probably stop you to take notice of this Brooklyn unit.

Thankfully, they’ve cut things short out of the gate with a brief e.p. that’s full of hypnotic psychedelic folk to the point where you actually should stop and take notice.

You can hear the tape hiss and live production of what sounds like Déjà Vu inspired with vocalist Jared Samuel coming across as an even stoner David Crosby.

Give him credit though, he’s working the keys-sometimes achieving freak flag fly levels-while Crosby just kind of hung out in the harmonies until it was his turn to do “Almost Cut My Hair.” Yes it’s true, the e.p. has more in common with Laurel Canyon than it does with the gritty streets of Brooklyn, and that’s by no means a bad thing.

Great Strides, Priestess, & Queen captures the band in the middle of finding their live fluidness while capturing their hints of enormous potential. Their melodies are beneath those moments of discovery, but after a few listens you can hear where the songs are headed.

And that’s kind of a good thing-hearing this material as it’s being discovered by the creative components performing them.

So fuck the tags placed on Great Strides, Priestess & Queen, give it a listen before they move on to perfecting the late-night magnetism that they’re already well qualified at delivering.

Bonus points for the Talk Talk cover.

Stream half of the ep here.

Minerva Lions @ Relix HQ [5.17.11 - NYC] from Lost Pilot on Vimeo.

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