Thursday, July 29, 2010

Iggy and the Stooges Prepare Live DVD

Normally, I don't like using this blog for shameless product promotion, but there was an intriguing dvd in the works that sounds like it could be worth checking out and the idea is kind of novel too.

A few years ago, the Beastie Boys created a live dvd that was shot entirely by the fans and the results were pretty, ahem, awesome.

MVD Entertainment Group is taking a bit of that very idea and turning it into what could be a series. Here's some of the information I received in my inbox:

On Friday, September 3rd 2010, Iggy and the Stooges are putting themselves IN THE HANDS OF THE FANS...

MVD Entertainment Group has launched the site to offer fans a once in a lifetime opportunity to film and interview Iggy and the Stooges performing the seminal punk rock masterpiece RAW POWER at the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival on September 3, 2010. Six lucky fans will be chosen by way of a video submission contest to join director Joey Carey on location at the Stardust Theater at Kutchers' Country Club in Monticello, NY. This marks the reunion between Iggy Pop and powerhouse guitarist James Williamson as well as original Stooges drummer Scott "Rock Action" Asheton. Also featuring Mike Watt on bass and Steve Mackay on saxophone.

The contest is based on fans submitting short high definition video segments asking Iggy and the Stooges interview questions, or demonstrating why they should win the contest. Winners of the contest will film and interview Iggy and the Stooges at All Tomorrow's Parties. This fan shot footage, along with the contestant video submissions, will be crafted into a high definition longform program, which will be part concert film and part reality TV show about the journey of the fans.

So who knows, like the Iggy and the Stooges reunion itself, it could be awesome or it could be a complete bust. One has to think that James Williamson's involvement with this whole reunion lends more potential than the involvement of the Asheton brothers.

Not that there's anything wrong with the Asheton brothers, it's just that they're from Michigan and there's something about the Wolverine state that breeds some pretty strange cats.

Iggy Pop included.

In other Stooge news, newcomer Mike Watt is fresh out of knee surgery and posting his thouroughly entertaining spiels again at is Hoot page.

I can't believe a guy as good as Watt still gets down on himself when he thinks he isn't giving Iggy his best performance on each and every night. What a stand up dude.

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