Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Kanye West Single Samples King Crimson

Remarkably, the first single from Kanye West's new album Good Ass Job features a sample of King Crimson's classic song, "21st Century Schizoid Man." The song, "Power" was leaked earlier yesterday, but another find was also gleaned from the internet, perhaps even matching the strange pairing of Kanye with one of progressive rock's most notorious noodlers.

The pairing is of a wedding video, seemingly recorded in unison with that aforementioned King Crimson classic in the background. It features everyone from the bride and groom to Uncle Earl trying to get rum and Coke at the bar, cutting the rug to the King.

Sure, it's a patch job, but it's a riot nonetheless.

Courtesy of The Village Voice.
You'll have to monitor the internets to hear the leak of the Kanye song, but Hype Machine is a good place to start.
But someone needs to keep an eye on Ye, sample lyric:
"How Ye doin'?/I'm survivin'/I was drinkin' earlier/Now I'm driving"

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