Thursday, May 27, 2010

Magic Everywhere In This Bitch...

So last month, I posted that incredible Insane Clown Posse video for "Miracles" because the world needs to know that scientists are a bunch of liars who need to get their asses kicked. ICP drop real science, yo, and a couple of eggheads down in Florida have finally gotten wise to that and done their own version of the Juggolo's classic....On ukuleles!

True I.C.P. encounter: I worked as a call center manager for a phone company, and on my team was a dude who was probably 10-15 years older than me. He was a strange fellow, but he had an intriguing enough past that I learned a little bit about him, until the point where his weirdness took over any redeeming qualities.

His son also worked within the same call center and during a conversation with the guy, I learned that his son was a huge I.C.P. fan, to the point where he was some kind of uber-fan. He created some kind of regional fan club website where people would come, sign up, and talk about how great I.C.P. was. Curiosity got the best of me and I checked out the site, not really knowing much about the I.C.P. cult of personality.

Most of the posts seemed to be fueled with a lot of anger. There were a bunch of posts which talked about how people were out to get them, how oppressed they were, and a bunch which talked about doing bodily harm to anyone they perceived to be against them, their scene, or their band. It totally changed my perspective on the guy's son and-by association-the father himself.

"What? You're not down with the clown?" he asked me once, when I commented how I thought I.C.P. was stupid.

Maybe it's thinking too much and perhaps I'll prove myself wrong if my own kids start listening to godawful rap music from dudes in whiteface, but I got to believe there's a point where you need to do a musical intervention whenever a loved one goes down a road like the Insane Clown Posse.

The funny thing was reading some of the posts within that site and seeing all of the anger and venom in a lot of the dialogue.

Then, very very rarely, a chick would post something, and the predominantly male members would completely change their tone. Some, of course, were so socially retarded that they would continue their requests for blowjobs and I.C.P. gangbangs, but others would create this creepy, protective persona where they attempted to seem sensitive and caring.

Then, another poster would try to use a similar approach and that would piss off the first poster, until it escalated into a whole "I'm gonna kick your ass!" back and forth, leaving the object of their desire(s) completely out of the conversation.

Courtesy of Phoenix New Times.

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