Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bon Scott

Hard to believe, but Bon Scott would have turned 61 years old today. That age would place Bon in the same age bracket as some of the most notorious artists from the sixties (a decade that I certainly don’t associate him with), and I guess his death in 1980 placed him as an immortal 33 year old in my mind.
I think about what AC/DC would have evolved into had he survived. We certainly wouldn’t have had Back In Black, which is kind of a drag to consider, but the underlying fact is that we also wouldn’t have had to endure over a quarter-century of listening to Brian Johnston’s voice turn into the sound of a cat being raped.
But I digress.
The truth is: there are very few rock and roll frontmen that come to mind that are as honest as Bon Scott. He seemed to be an individual that would have been exactly the same person sitting next to you in a bar as he was on stage.
What a rare thing, particularly in his line of work.
It should be no surprise to anyone that the absolutely critical AC/DC albums that should be in a rock fan’s record collection are the ones that Bon Scott helped create.


Cousin J said...

My child will share Bon Scott's birthday. We will celebrate his legacy at an early age. When Beck tries to get him/her to eat some peas, he or she will shout, "Let There Be Rock!" and then eat peas.

Anonymous said...

R.I.P Bon Scott! Greatest frontman ever.

Anonymous said...

please tell me that's a cucumber wrapped in tin foil

Todd Totale said...

Good timing, cuz! Beats 7/7/7 any day of the week. My kid shares the same birthday as Klaus Meine. Although fairly cool, yours is way cooler.