Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays From Glam Racket!

Nothing says "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Birthday, Jesus!" quite like Chapter 11 in R. Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet" video series.

You're welcome.


SuperCat said...

I'm slack-jawed.

Todd Totale said...

I know I showed the money shot first here, but you can't imagine what it was like watching the series from the inception to this one. Around "Part 8" or so, the midget is introduced in the very last scene. And then it became an obsession. I started to alternate between "R. Kelly is certifiably nuts" to "I can't wait to see what happens next."

Todd Totale said...

Favorite moments in the series:
-"Rosie The Nosey Neighbor" in chapter 7.
-How R. Kelly uses that hick voice every time Bridget speaks
-When the midget shits himself in chapter 10
-When the cop looks for the midget....behind the fucking chapter 9
-That the cop is played by Michael Williams, who also plays Omar in my favorite tv show, The Wire. This guy's batting a thousand
-That R. Kelly progressed this thing like an algebraic equation in every episode, to the point where it becomes possibly the greatest music video ever made.

SuperCat said...

I'm amazed this hasn't been more of a "What the fuck?!?!?"-type big deal. This is dead-serious public presentation of out-of-touch insanity on the part of a guy who was caught on video peeing on underage girls. And he's still taken seriously.

I mean, I'd heard about it, and heard it was pathetically bad...but geez, no one said how amazing it is.

This is Michael Jackson level stuff.

DJMurphy said...

OMG, I kept thinking that this is a parody video, that I'm gonna see the SNL logo at the end. But the more I poke around, the more I realize it's a serious (please take that word lightly) project by R. Kelly. Does anyone have the info whether or not R. Kelly was doing it all as a serious "work of art" or as one weird, twisted attempt at comedy? You make me wanna find chapter 12 now...

It's embarrassing to admit this dude's from Chicago.

Todd Totale said...

That's the million dollar question, Murph. I think the first five parts were serious, but then he just lost it on the next seven and has the ability to say "I was just kidding" if people started to question his reasoning for doing this project.
As one reviewer on Amazon put it: "If Robert Kelly is serious, then this is a sad, sad affair. But if Trapped in the Closet was recorded with tounge firmly in cheek, then R. Kelly may very well be the Andy Kaufman of R/B."
What I know is that if there happens to be a Best Buy or other gift card under the tree for me this year, I can tell you exactly what I'll be using it for!