Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SpokAnarchy! To Be Released On DVD

This looks promising:

SpokAnarchy! is a feature-length documentary about the rise of the punk rock scene in the conservative and culturally barren 1980s of Spokane, WA.

The history of the punk rock movement is well known, less served is the story of punk in the smaller, out-of-the-way cities and towns, where challenging the dominant mainstream culture was even more daunting, and often downright dangerous.

Before MTV, the Internet and cell phones, Spokane seemed a long way from anywhere. A small group of bored teenagers banded together to make art and music and live a lifestyle that tested the social and moral boundaries of conservative America.

Out of this unlikely burg a decade's worth of undiscovered music and art erupted, by the likes of whom went on to be in noteworthy and underground bands such as TOOL, Motorcycle Boy, Sandy Duncan's Eye, Stompbox, Cattle Prod, artists and performers like T.J. Wilcox and Zamora the Torture King, and even Charlie Schmidt, Keyboard Cat's creator!

This coming-of-age story becomes a coming-of-middle-age story as the scene's survivors take an unflinching look at their past and how their lives were shaped by those years of music and mayhem.

The film was two years in production with over 50 interviews shot in New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Astoria, Seattle, and Spokane. Interviews are coupled with archival footage and with a soundtrack that draws on a decade's worth of undiscovered music

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