Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Documentary Of Black Flag's Final Tour

I'm posting this so that I can come back to it and watch it in its entirety.

Or before Greg Ginn goes and orders it be taken down.

It's a documentary called Reality 86'd, a first account of what would be Black Flag's final tour of the U.S.

Markley, who did Lovedolls Superstar and the awesome 1991: The Year Punk Broke, never was able to get this film to the light of day-some suggest Greg Ginn had something to do with that too-but the wonderful world of the intertubes has located a copy.

It appears to be pretty low-fi, but that's not going to stop me


Kiko Jones said...

According to Wikipedia, "Ginn didn't want it to be released. Black Flag singer Henry Rollins tried to have it released in 1994 through a distribution deal he struck with Time Warner but Ginn still refused."

Saw Flat Duo Jets on a marquee, had forgotten they were around at the time...

Cousin J said...

Audio of bands seems to be from the soundboard in most cases. I've definitely heard worse. The live performances were my favorite parts. Even Gone sounded good! Thank You for posting this. As you know I've been a huge Black flag fan since 83 when you introduced me to them. I had no idea this even existed. Rollins must have been traveling separately cause he rarely appears on film outside of the shows. Ginn & others seemed to be having fun though.