Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Countdown To The New Mastodon Album

I don't know how long the "audio visualization" of the new Mastodon album, The Hunter, will stay on-but I suggest that you play it immediately.

It's the entire album.

The visuals get tired after a while-it's more of the same backdrop they use during their live sets-but like every Mastodon album, the music gets better over time.

A review is in the works, but initial signs point to another friggin' winner to these road dogs.

September 20, 2011

The Hunter by the mighty MASTODON will be released September 27th.

With that in mind, the band would like to share their full album online premiere with THE HUNTER VISUALIZER, which will go LIVE today September 20th. Click here now to get a sensual whiff of what's in store for you before street date.

Also, Pitchfork.com will premiere the official "Curl Of The Burl" video this Thursday, September 22nd. Brace yourself.

More to be revealed shortly. Stay close to www.mastodonrocks.com for details.

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