Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big Dipper - All Going Out Together

It's a song about nuculer annihilation, but it's often misheard as a song about getting ready to go out on the town.

Big Dipper was/is one of those forgotten bands that probably deserved a lot more than they received. What they received was a blurb review in People of which this gem can be found on.

Here's some footage of the band performing what may be their best known song from 1988.

Post your own New Year's Eve plans and I'll read them while staying home watching Female Trouble.

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Anonymous said...

I've been telling people about this band for (eek!) twenty years now. Did you know they have a new album in the can? Last I heard they are shopping it around for a distributor. Also Gary Waleik is the other half of Mars Classroom, a project with Robert Pollard of GBV. Big Dipper was/is one of the greatest bands ever. Always super-glad to see them noticed.