Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Five Golden Tuques

It’s the last day for you to get me my Christmas present. The t-shirt in the picture will do, or the complete Chess recordings of Chuck Berry.
But the reality is that it’s quite awesome watching the kids getting so excited over Christmas. More so Ethan, as Calli just goes over an occasionally fucks with the ornaments on the tree. Ethan’s responsible for that, as he puts all of his ornaments together, in a cluster at the bottom, and of course Callista goes over and starts grabbing them thinking they’re toys to play with. That’s why my Elvis ornaments are out of reach of both kids. She has pointed out to her Mom and I that she would like a My Little Pony (“Pony!”) and Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba! (“That!”).
Ethan has indicated that he wants pretty much everything that’s on television.
I am very proud of him, however, as I have taught him Bob & Doug MacKenzie’s version of the “12 Days Of Christmas” and he’s repeatedly singing “And a beer in a tree!” at the most inappropriate of moments.
That reminds me: those Bob and Doug figurines that McFarland had out a few years ago would be another great stocking stuffer for yours truly.


Churlita said...

I'm not getting you shit, but have a Merry Christmas anyway.

Tanja said...

I have the Doug and Bob figures you mentioned. I also have a second set that someone is storing in my basement with all his other crap, I'm sure he wouldn't miss 'em! Mine must need a new battery because they don't say clever phrases when you push the magic button anymore. They even have tiny bottle caps and donut fragments, definitely not for the kids! HoHoHo.