Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sister Sunshine Confirms That Dio Is In Hell

This kind of nonsense doesn't even bother me anymore, because I have a pretty good idea that hell already has a nice, warm spot reserved for people like Sister Sunshine here. Regardless of your religious beliefs, do you really think God supports people who post garbage like this online after someone has gone through a very painful illness and subsequently passes from it? I mean, was she wearing a "God Hates Fags" shirt as she beat RJD's puppy while he was going through chemo treatments? Because that's the kind of insensitive fuck she appears to be, judging from this righteous little sermon.

Many years ago, and I wish now that I would have taped it, there was a show on a Christian cable station called "The Crows Nest," where they would just make shit up about rock records. They'd play records backwards and tell you what was being said. They'd make up stuff that happened at concerts. And they'd go over cover art in fine detail, identifying every bit of satanic imagery they could find.

And when the ratings and fervor ended (or when people just gave up), the show ended.
This video probably gave Sister Soldier here the most views she's ever done, which will probably lead to more posts just like this.

I love how she pretends not to know any of this shit, but she was obviously a big Dio fan back in the day. I mean, nobody would know about RJD's stint in Elf unless they've done a little research. It's not like they were hugely popular and that this chick was even around when they were in still active. I think she's secretly a little broken up about Dio's death, but had to post some mean and evil video to "look good" around her born again buddies.

Deep down she knows that hell's got all the good bands anyway.
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Kiko Jones said...

a) Who the fuck is Sister Sunshine?!
b) Footage of The Crows Nest has got to pop up somewhere...

Todd Totale said...

Agreed. I think the guy who hosted the Crows Nest would also appear on Jim and Tammy Bakker's PTL Club show and promote his "work." The appearances must have led him to his own show, and there's got to be some video evidence somewhere. Who knows, I'm not having any luck locating the footage of Grace Slick berating Germany during a Jefferson Starship show in the late 70's. Classic!
But anyway, I remember getting rubbed the wrong way when the Crows Nest went out of their way to attack AC/DC's Back In Black album. My argument against them was that I didn't even know the lyrics to some of those songs until they attacked it. So if I'm oblivious to the message and like the music, does that make me a satanist? That was my argument then. My argument now is that I have a better understanding of faith and religion plays a part in my life now more than at any time. This surprises a lot of people, but I'm not the kind of person to go and tell people to go find God, because faith is an uber-personal thing and this is a big world. Different Strokes for Different Folks and Todd Bridges confirms it. Anyway, what my church teaches is tolerance and the generosity they demonstrate is admirable. I truly believe that they fight to bring out the good in everyone and that I can become a better person even if I take little steps in that same direction. When I see people like Sister Sunshine, I question their faith; they just seem too angry to really have a close relationship with God. From what I've ever read, God and faith are pretty complex things, but the love that's prevelent is pretty consistant. These people try to make everything too rigid ("He was with Black Sabbath, so that means he's going to hell!") with little evidence of acceptance and even fewer glimpses of love for their fellow man. So I'm not sure what trip this Sister Sunshine is on, but I'm pretty sure it's not a roadmap that God helped create.

kmd said...

what a crazy bitch! i love the video because this woman's faith in the devil is amazing. and nothing says "rock n roll" more than putting the fear of satan into someone like this. it is essentially a tribute to Ronnie. R.I.P. DIO

Tanja said...

It appears she is in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle while making this. Makes me wonder who the hell is driving and why she would take that time to slam someone who just died of cancer.

Kiko Jones said...

Todd, I think it's really cool that you chose to talk about your faith, especially in light of this Sister Sunshine nonsense. I find that in the world of rock and roll, whether you're an artist, critic, or fan, you can easily find yourself in uncomfortable situations because of it.

My atheist friends--and I've got quite a few--respect my beliefs, and I've never preached to them about my Catholicism--which is, admittedly, "relaxed", so to speak--but once in a while you can find yourself in the crosshairs of an intolerant few who will try to ambush you with their frustrations and/or reproaches of your faith--valid or not--in a non-constructive and antagonistic manner. (But I've got their number, heh heh.)

Coincidentally, I just had an interesting exchange w/one of my readers, concerning A Perfect Circle's "Judith". I've always loved the song, and while at first I suspected--and later confirmed--there was a dis of Christianity in its lyrics, I chose to ignore that part of it and reflect on all the other awesome elements of the song. I mean, if Tom Araya--an admitted Catholic--can sing Kerry King's anti-Christian diatribes and not let it changes his views on his faith, then I can be cool about my enjoyment of "Judith", right?

Chris Rock once said that ladies that dig rap songs about "hos" always reply when asked why they like the tunes, "Ain't talkin' 'bout me". Not a perfect analogy, but you get the gist.

Tanja said...

Saw today that some of those idiots from the Westboro Baptist "church" protested at Dio's funeral. I think they were lucky they weren't stoned to death by Dio fans.