Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Plasmatics Founder Issues Exclusive T-Shirts

It was a real coinkydink when I'm perusing the internets for Plasmatics t-shirts for the Special Lady Friend and then I get this press release in my inbox.

I must admit that I thought it was kind of strange that the Plasmatics and Wendy O Williams don't have much of a presence online when it comes to merchandise. You would think that a band with more hype than history would turn their brief output into a merchandising Mecca.

But no. Most of the Plasmatics stuff online seems to be unauthorized and patchy.

Founding member Rod Swenson attempts to address this with some new t-shirt designs.


We're stoked to offer these eight new Plasmatics / Wendy O. Williams T-Shirts from Rod Swenson (Plasmatics founder). These shirts were designed by Marco Palumbo of No Front Teeth Records. They are "Made in the USA" unisex short sleeve T-shirts, which are 100% cotton (4.4 oz/sq yd). 

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