Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Johnny & Dee Dee Ramone Pop! Rocks Figure

What we have here is probably the cutest little friggin' doll this side of Hello Kitty.

'Cept for punk rockers.

This is the kind of crap that I wished I received at work during those bullshit team gift exchange Christmas party. You know, where they reserve a fucking meeting room for an hour and have some kind of potluck where nobody wants to be responsible for the entree dish and everyone ends up giving out ornaments or some other crappy $5-$10 gift, but only the one who everyone hates ends up being the only sap adhering to the low end of that price range.

Now that I have that off my chest, take a look at the cuteness and the press release.

Together, legendary guitarist Johnny Ramone, and legendary punk-rock bassist Dee Dee Ramone created a wall of sound that defined the driving force of the Ramones. For the first time ever in their history making legacy, Johnny and Dee Dee have been rendered as vinyl figures.

Both of these stylized 3.75-inch tall vinyl figures come decked in traditional Ramones leather jackets, and armed with their weapons of choice, (guitar and bass respectively). They're detailed right down to Johnny's infamous frown, Dee Dee's enigmatic glare, and the matching shoulder chains that bookended them on stage while changing the face of rock 'n' roll.

To guarantee you'll have them to rock around the X-mas tree, order now at:


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