Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tori Amos Really Wants You To Consider Photography

First of all, there's a tour.

And I suppose that this is what most Tori fans will be gabbing about.

Here are the dates for the Night of Hunters U.S. 2011 tour, along with a tour photo competition with Lomography where the fans take photos representing select cities to be included in the official tour program.

Nov 29
Atlanta, GA US
Dec 1
Philadelphia, PA US
Dec 2
New York, NY US
Dec 3
New York, NY US
Dec 5
Washington, DC US
Dec 6
Boston, MA US
Dec 8
Toronto, ON CAN
Dec 10
Chicago, IL US
Dec 13
Vancouver, BC CAN
Dec 14
Seattle, WA US
Dec 16
Oakland, CA US
Dec 17
Los Angeles, CA US
Dec 18
Los Angeles, CA US
Dec 21
Austin, TX US
Dec 22
Dallas, TX US

I don't know if you noticed the line above that says "a tour photo competition," but here's the skinny on that because it's quiet unusual and somewhat exciting. The news:


The Lomographic Society Proudly Presents:

The TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ Box Set

True Icon: The legendary Diana F+ especially designed for Tori Amos, limited to 2000 pieces

Treasure Chest: Box Set includes camera, lens set, unreleased and autographed double CD From Russia With Love…, Special Edition book, photo taken by Tori Amos and 120 film roll

Global “Inspiration City” Competition: 100 TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ Box Sets and one big prize for every city are waiting to be grabbed

Here's more detailed information on the items offered:

True Icon
When it comes to music Tori Amos is a true icon and so is our Diana F+. Combined these two are the perfect match for a Special Edition Diana F+ Box Set that will put tears of joy into the eyes of fans all over the planet. Referring to Tori Amos’ sound friend, the Bosendorfer, the TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ is dressed in glossy black and elegant copper while an autograph is labeling this unique camera. To add some more eye candy, we bedded this sleeping beauty in a delicious box set that combines design, music and creativity.

Treasure Chest
To bed this special camera with style the TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ comes in a wonderful Bosendorfer inspired box, that, once opened, turns out to be a surprising treasure chest full of little goodies. Besides the classy TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ camera you will find the exclusive China Lens Set, a custom cover Diana F+ book, a 400 ASA 120 film roll and two very special treasures: A photo taken by Tori Amos herself with her very own Tori Diana F+ while she was playing in Moscow that will boost your creativity and the unreleased and autographed double CD From Russia With Love… What more can a Tori Amos fan ask for?

Global Inspiration City Competition
In anticipation of the upcoming ‘Night of Hunters’ world tour and album release, we want you to get inspired by one of ten exciting cities that will be tour stops: New York, Moscow, London, Philadelphia, Berlin, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Chicago and Amsterdam.

"My fans are some of the most creative people I know, so with their help I want them using their own analog photography to represent some of the cities on the Tour. The best photos will then be featured in my program that will be available at all the shows on the Night of Hunters Tour,” said Tori Amos. “We have chosen just 10 of the many great cities we will be visiting to take inspiration from and I am really looking forward to seeing the results and having some fun picking the winning shots.”

No matter where in the world you are, a little bit of one of these cities can be found everywhere. Get inspired by the characteristics of these cities and take part in the global Inspiration City Competition which will take place from July 5th – August 15th on the Lomography website. 100 exclusive TORI Limited Edition Diana F+ cameras will go to the best 10 submissions per city while the lomographers with the best individual inspirational city photos will have their image published and credited in the Tori Amos tour book. Additionally, grand prize winners will take home a personally signed copy of the tour book, the ‘Night of Hunters’ album, and a tour t-shirt.

Packaging Content

Tori Amos “TORI” Edition Diana F+ camera
Special Edition “China” Lens Set:
(55mm Wide Angle “Distance” and “Close” Close Up Lens)
Exclusive & Unreleased “Live from Moscow” Double CD” signed by Tori
Glossy Black Flash
Limited Edition Tori Photo taken in Moscow using her “TORI” edition Diana F+
Roll of 400 / 120 Color Film and custom cover TORI (Diana F+ Book)

What the hell is Lomography?

We, the Lomographic Society International, are a globally active organization dedicated to experimental and creative analogue snapshot photography. Lomographic pictures are moment-catchers; characterized by vibrant colours, shadowy framing, surprise effects and spontaneity. Boasting over one million members across the world, we seek to document the incredible planet around us in a never-ending stream of images. The Lomo LC-A+ camera was the first member of the huge Lomographic analogue camera family. It confidently takes a seat at the dinner table alongside our other innovative and quirky Lomographic products – La Sardina, LC-Wide, the Sprocket Rocket, Spinner 360°, Diana Mini, Diana F+, Lomo Lubitel 166+, Fisheye camera, the Colorsplash camera, the Supersampler, Horizon, Pop 9, Actionsampler, Holga as well as many other bags, lenses and accessories, books and stationery.

The Future is Analogue!

Ha! I read that in the liner notes of Big Blacks Songs About Fucking! I wonder what Albini thinks about Tori's camp stealing that slogan?

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