Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Jesus Lizard Release 'Club' DVD In Two Weeks

A Strange curio, considering that you almost want to start with watching a younger Jesus Lizard and then work your way down to the reunion shows that show a much older David Yow performing many of the same stunts that he did before.

Because, yes, he was older back then too-comparitively speaking-and the only time I remember Yow young was when he was in Scratch Acid.

Here was a small man, full head of hair, tight blue jeans, unbuttoned denim shirt and mouth that would continually spit on the floor.

Nobody was there, and I remember being scared to get too close to the stage because there didn’t seem to be something right with Mr. Yow.

A half-century later and he’s still at it, at least he was a couple years ago as this upcoming release showcases.

Here’s their spiel:

Directed by Matthew Robison (producer, Silver Jew - director, We Fun: Atlanta, GA Inside/Out) and produced by Henry Owings (Chunklet Magazine), The Jesus Lizard Club is the exclusive document of the The Jesus Lizard reunited for their first American performance in over a decade.

It was a tour that was heralded the world over, with stops at festivals and clubs all over the world. Sasha Frere-Jones of The New Yorker writes, "It may have been the only reunion show I've ever seen where I forgot almost immediately that the band hadn't played together in more than a decade."

Featuring the entire evening's performance, The Jesus Lizard Club goes inside a fan-favorite set list for over 90 minutes of an incendiary performance from one of the greatest bands of the modern era. The release will also include individual mp3 downloads for each track performed.


Kiko Jones said...

Pardon my ignorance, but what's the name of the track played in the trailer?

Todd Totale said...

No ignorance at all. I don't know what it is either. Other than it rocks my shit!
A little help here! Anyone!

Scott J said...

It's called Thumbscrews.


What I want to know is what venue this show was at.

Todd Totale said...

Nicely done! I confess that I never bought Shot.