Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video Footage Of Juggalo Revolutionaries

I have been riveted by the Tila Tequila attack at the Gathering of the Juggalos concert. I also think it’s hilarious that Method Man got nailed by a beercan in the face, was all “Imma sue you!” and now is ok with ICP.

All of it just screams of some kind of alternate reality where people think that it’s perfectly ok to do a show in front of social rejects who like to paint their face up like clowns.

And did I mention the band they follow are so below awful that they have their own category of shittiness.

When I see videos like this-two socially inadequate boys, desperate to find acceptance when it’s obviously not coming from home or from peers, I think that what ICP does for a living is more than just a shitty band. They are the worst kind of bullies, the kind that lie and tell you that they’re your friends right before they take your lunch money.

If you think that Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J give a shit about kids like those issuing pointless threats and making up unrealistic scenarios of future wealth and greatness, then you’re mistaken.

ICP wants these two to stay as outcasts and to view normalcy as the enemy. If they’re kept in that current state, they’re more opt to buy the shit that their marketing to them.

For me, I just want to tell them “It gets better, man! High school and all of the social bullshit that comes with it will go away in a few years. What you’re doing now will far outlast any nonsense that you’re experiencing at school.

Plus, you understand that when you put stupid shit like this on the fucking internet, you’re going to draw a lot more attention to your dumbass than if you’d just stay home, get high, play video games, and listen to a couple of Beatles albums.

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