Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Primitives Recording First Album In 19 Years

One of the most overlooked bands of the 1980’s college radio type, The Primitives, announced that they’re working on their fourth album, the first since 1991’s Galore. The band scored a big college radio hit with “Crash” (which I believe was used in a bunch of movie soundtracks, creating a song that many recalled, but few could name) then followed it up with a pair of nicely appointed pop-punk gems before breaking up.

I had a couple of their albums on promotional cassettes swiped from the radio station giveaway bin and played them frequently.

“Crash” was lifted from the wonderful debut Lovely, but my favorite was the track “Sick Of It All” taken from the second l.p. Pure.

Here’s hoping the new album will be as good as the entries in their too brief trio original incarnation.

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