Sunday, June 27, 2010

Joan Jett Barbie

The other day I took the kids to Wal-Mart to get an air pump for an inflatable pool. This was after my wife offered to blow it up manually, which was funny if you saw the size of our inflatable pool.

Rather than torture her, which is only occasionally funny, I did the gentlemanly thing which was to get something to assist in inflation.

What I came away with was only marginally successful-that’s another story-but while I was there, I discovered something as I took the kids for a leisurely stroll through the toy section.

Barbie now has women in rock dolls.

I saw a Joan Jett doll, straight out of the Bad Reputation era, and it was awesome.

They also had a Debbie Harry one and Cyndy Lauper.

They're pricier than the regular Barbies and a limited edition.
But the Jett one is totally awesome and may end up under the tree for our little girl, and may end up with chewed feet like the other ones.

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Tanja said...

I'm glad to see that they didn't just stick a Joan Jett looking head on the standard Barbie body.