Tuesday, June 22, 2010

High On Fire Gabe's Gig

There is a nasty rumor circulating that High On Fire will be playing at the legendary Gabe’s Oasis in what will more than likely be a hot ‘n sweaty sausage fest of metal. As reported earlier, Snakes For The Divine is so good that High On Fire should be playing in a large theatre or auditorium, we’ll take the intimacy of a small club, which will have us all smelling like a sweaty armpit.
But who’s going?
Raise your hand if you’re sure!


Your Humble Proprietor said...

I'll probably go if it turns out to be a weekend show (fat chance).

I've gotten behind on my HoF - I only have the first two albums - but I'll probably have some time to get up to speed pretty soon.

Cousin J said...

I'll drive over if it's not a work night. Let me know as soon as you hear dates announced.