Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Freestyle-The Art Of Rhyme Coming To DVD

This looks badass beyond belief.

There's a line from the clip below where a man says "You really can't freestyle if you don't know anything." It's completely true, because in order for any razor sharp line to cut, it has to have some element of truth to it And in order to slay with a freestyle line, you are working to intimidate that, no matter what the response, you are going to pull from your vast array of knowledge to come back harder and with more references than what your apponent can even comprehend.

It's an advanced state of warfare, the kind of battle that humans ultimately should be wagering against each other, rather than guns and bombs.

In that kind of army, Mos Def would be a fucking general.

The press:

The world of improvisational rap, is explosively explored in this award wining and critically acclaimed authentic look into the life, music, and history of 1990's underground hip hop culture.

Packed with rare and archival footage of some of the most amazing MC's ever to bless the mic, Freestyle - The Art of Rhyme features the story of MC Supernatural and his quest to become a champion, battling many in his way including his arch nemesis Craig G of the famed Marley Marl Juice Crew.

Made by the creators of the Academy Award nominated film "Murderball" this documentary takes us on a journey through the previously unexamined dimensions of hip hop as a spiritual and community based art form. Combining the best of independent art house cinema within the hip hop mix tape format, it features legendary battles from New York to LA, including The Lyricist Lounge, Project Blowed, and The Wake Up Show!

The artists featured; from Mos Def to Notorious BIG provide insight into one of the least seen faces present in the music: improvisation and creativity. Structured with insights from the Last Poet's esteemed Abioudun Oyweole and jazz & rap historians, Freestyle - The Art of Rhyme connects the dots from the pain and love of yesterday's poets to today's hip-hop innovators. Revealing the art forms stunningly emotional outlet; whether sharing energy in a street corner cipher for block cred or a stadium's commercial rap performance full of 1,000s of fans. Like the Griots of Africa or the wail of Coltrane's saxophone, today's hip-hop MCs all have a similar purpose: to share their experience with others hungry for truth, community and healing.

"If you're looking for tons of rare footage of early freestyles and a new angle into hip-hop history, The Art of Rhyme is not to be missed." - Okay Player
"Reveals how the skill of improvisation helped shape my favorite time period in Rap music history, when wordplay turned into art & science." - DJ Cut Chemist

WINNER HBO Best Documentary @ Urban-World Film Festival
WINNER Best Documentary & Kodak Maverick Award: Woodstock Film Fest
WINNER Best Documentary & Audience Award @ Pan-African Film Festival
WINNER Documentary Jury Prize @ Florida Film Festival
WINNER Best Cinematography @ Karachi Film Festival
WINNER Best Soundtrack @ Los Angeles Film Festival

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